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Before TV and Film started making sex an acceptable subject, people were limited to having sex in a bed. I think it does wonders for people.

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The much older man that I went out with recently, needs to be in therapy. If he already is, I hope that after our date he scheduled an emergency meeting with his therapist.

That would be absolutely awful. But, I must say that the warm weather today inspired me.

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It made me realize that summer is a great time to find the love of your life. I was stood up for a date.

“Bergdorf Goodies” is the official title of their 2018 holiday display.

The Set-Up My Matchmaker mom met a guy last week and thought he was absolutely adorable. She told him to facebook …. I had the hopes of becoming a writer in New York and more importantly, finding the love of my life. While one of those things came true—in dividends—as years passed and blog posts collected, I grew weary and exhausted of writing about my dating life.

I had lost interest in detailing every intimate moment from my personal experience for the web to read. Sure, dating was hard.

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Meeting someone who wanted to share his Netflix-and-chill evenings and his coffee-stained mornings with me seemed impossible. All the time I spent divulging and dissecting my lack of romance left me disenchanted by the whole process—and I found myself seeking greener pastures. Sticky and sleepy, I waved the keycard in front of the suite and told myself to inhale as I entered the room.

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A giant tub and standing shower to my left, adorned with a white, plush robe, waiting for me to take off my New York and put on my Mexico. I smiled at the thought and took a few steps to the living and sleeping area that was definitely not a one-size-fits-all but more of a too-big-for-one type of deal.

I kept going until I arrived at the door of the balcony and with a quick sweep of the white linen curtains, I gasped at the view: You worked for this.

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And though it should come as no surprise to those who love me dearly, I teared up outside in the salty Mexican area, still wearing my winter boots and thermal socks. Of all the moments I used to dream of in North Carolina , imagining what my life in New York would be like, it never occurred to me how following my heart could lead me far beyond skyscrapers and city sidewalks, but how it could take me all over the world, chasing bylines wherever they led me.

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No matter how early I call on my walk to work each day, she picks up. As much as she will never admit it, I know a part of her wishes my dreams would have kept me in those rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and not led me to these hectic, boisterous streets of New York.