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Dallas, Texas, United States of America. Rumor has it that Sean Penn had a fling with Elle Macpherson in Elle Macpherson is an Australian businesswoman, television host, model, and actress. She is well known for her record five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue beginning in the s, leading to her nickname "The Body".

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She is the founder primary model and creative director for a series of business ventures, including Elle Macpherson Intimates, a lingerie line, and The Body, a line of skin care products. Which of Sean Penn's exes is the hottest? The Best Sean Penn Movies.

Back in he dated Petra Nemcova , and she seems to be giving him another chance. The way US explains it, Petra jumped back into it with Sean almost immediately after she broke up with her fiance last month. Rebound being the operative word here. He regularly talks smack about his career , his critics , anyone else involved in charity like he is and about politics , and he just strikes me as unpleasant. I guess there are women who find that somehow attractive. They may find his intelligence impressive or something.

The rest of us see him as an a-hole. Penn is shown on a trip to Argentina on Featured Links - Should you watch both Fyre Festival documentaries? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Some women — most of them actually — are naive and stupid.

Yes, I absolutely agree that he is probably that knee-buckle type! Imagine he is charming as the devil when he is on his game. Bottom line, I would hit it. Not because I like him but because I trust opinions of the previous users.

Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova are back together – what do women see in him?

I hate his politics, his pigheadednesss, his rudeness. But the fact is he is a very good actor, I just never understood what women saw in him — until I watched that movie. And obviously, to be able to portray it, he has to be able to feel it, let it come from within, so I can totally understand how he gets these women. The fact that they do not stick around too long? They share a common passion for charity work, so I get it.

Report: Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova reconcile -

She may still be too good for him, but she is not herself anymore. Bloody hell, did she have some very unsuccessful plastic surgery? She used to be breathlessly beautiful, just effortless grace and sex appeal. But those newer pics, especially in the red dress, are horrendous! Definitely something went wrong with some procedure on her face. Her eyes look fricking cockeyed now, and her face used to be so gorgeous!

And the body is wasting away. Is is going thru some eating disorder, or is she sick? Maybe he has a big dong..? I like Sean Penn — I think he is a great actor. I will watch anything he is in. I have no clue about him being an asshole, I mean, I dont know him personally, and I dont much pay attention to gossip magazines and what they say about people, its gossip.

I would rather judge people myself instead of taking someone elses opinion.

Report: Penn and Nemcova reconcile

Also, I think he comes across as this deep, intelligent, tortured-soul type, and these women are eating it up. Still seems like a d-bag to me. He does attract beautiful woman and suck their attractiveness and general aura, like a bed bug. He had Madonna at her prime, Robin was looking like a zombie with him.

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  8. Need i talk about scarlett? Maybe he is charming at first then his true craziness comes out? This man is def that. Not all, but a vast amount. I see gorgeous, confident women everyday get together with total jerks who have absolutely nothing to offer and treat them poorly. You project a whole bunch on to a person and then get burned. This is so odd- I rememeber when she was on Dancing with the stars, and I was impressed by what a sweet, charitable person she was!

    She has a big childrens charity in, I believe Thailand. I mean, she was so nice! Nice like Georgette from the old Mary Tyler Moore show, nice. Methinks she just likes uber talented men; lots of women do.

    Sean Penn is chock full of intensity, which probably translates well to the bedroom. What is so difficult to understand?

    Relationship Timeline

    Have you met him? Just my impression though and maybe he IS charming in person..? I think there is social charm and sexual charm. He falls under the latter. I have not met him, but women seem to be drawn to him for some reason. According to the person downthread who has met him, he does have charm, although she did admit he might have been looking to get lucky. I guess I can see that. I am one who goes for sexual charisma over classicly handsome any day. Agree with you about charm. Here in France, Sean Penn is really admired and known as a fabulous and intelligent actor and you know, a smart man has a lot of charm and even young women are attracted!!

    Somewhere these women have low self esteem, despite their exterior look, and Penn is one of those guys that lives on exploiting that distress in the woman. He does have a very high opinion of himself and his own opinions…another Hollywood narcissist one of a cast of too many. He is gross from the inside out. They would be with anyone with his same status and money.